6 Lessons Brands Can Learn from Hilimaz Instagram Success


One of the most impressive social media success stories of brand new and growing is beauty company Hilimaz.

As a young woman- Mays Habeeb dreamed about creating the best quality lashes business with her own label. Not only has her dream come true; now she is far exceeding it by creating the best solution for wearing lashes.

Mays Habeeb ( the company CEO & Founder) was clever enough to create natural to medium look- high quality lashes made of natural mink with a band of cotton 100%. Added to them a new lashes- to- apply solution that any woman can easily use it as an eye-liner as she needs nothing more but to place her lashes on.

Part of the Hilimaz’s success on Instagram – How did it grow to reach out 3000 followers quickly in only 8 weeks.

A huge part of Hilimaz’s success comes back to one of the buzz terms of the moment – “brand authenticity”.

If you show any Millennial beauty industry consumer Hilimaz’s InstagramProfile, they’d likely being so happy to follow this profile. We’re talking about Instagram only here. Hilimaz as our client has asked us to help build their online reputation and as part of our growth strategy we’ve created and now deploying for them we also focused on Instagram specifically, because that’s where its target audience are spending the majority of their time.

Want to learn the best tips behind Hilimaz’s success on Insta? Curious how your business can mimic this tactics? 

Whether you’re a B2C brand like Hilimaz, or a B2B company, you can always win the game and attract your target audience attention with the right social media marketing approach. Here are three things we applied for Hilimaz to help get their Insta presence grow quickly!

  1. It fits in

    At Digivizo Marketing we make sure to hit the nail on the head when drafting our clients Buyer Persona.

    A selfie, a meme, a related video. We at Digivizo marketing has done our research, and we know that our client target audience already has a feed filled with all these things. As such, through this strategy we give our client audience what it knows they like – in this case: pretty pictures of the Lashes and eyeliners brand products gathered with makeup related stuff, memes, cute content, etc. – and these posts slip right in alongside their friends and another similar accounts.

    It’s worth noting that the vast majority of Hilimaz’s posts are product related, helping to build our client’s brand, but it adds in additional snapshots of web trends, and ties them back into the brand.

    It doesn’t mean to tell your content management agency to forget everything and go post cute selfies, funny images every morning, but the approach highlights the importance of knowing your audience, picturing what their day-to-day social feed looks like, and working to conceptually and aesthetically blend in. Hillmaz walks, talks, and looks like what its customers want their own profiles to look like, adding to the “cool girl” allure of its overall branding approach.

  2. Publishing great content & Clear Professional photos

    Instagram has become the go-to platform for photographers to market their work. It’s not surprising as the image-sharing network has more than 600 million active users, making it the perfect platform to promote your art.

    Despite being a mobile photography platform, the majority of photographers use it to share their best images, which are normally captured with a DSLR. However, despite sounding straight-forward, making an image look as good on Instagram as it does on your computer isn’t that easy. This is a common struggle amongst many photographers.

    Our Photographers are creating the best photos behind each and every concept we need to deploy on our client’s content strategy for winning our clients audience engagement and be always on their mind. Have a look at the following great example we asked our photographer we get us ( Nuvo Snap Photography)


3.It stays “on brand” 

Color palettes are incredibly useful in branding – for example, DesignAdvisorsays that 80% of brand recognition regularly comes from color impressionalone.

With our approach for building Hilimaz brand image, we have essentially cornered the market on Millennial Pink, black and white, boosting brand recognition – as noted, many people would now know Hilimaz’s content from a posted image alone.

Consistently like this is key to maximizing brand recognition on Instagram, and identifying two or three colors that fit with your brand’s marketing goals , and maintaining them as a regular thread across your posts will certainly up your Instagram game.

Whether you’re marketing to the everyday consumer, or a corporate business, having a recognizable brand will help grow your credibility, and improve broader awareness and reputation.

Another option on this front is to use the same filter/s on every Instagram post, further enhancing that uniform, consistent approach.

4. It focuses on community

According to Weiss, almost 80% of customers are now referred to a brand by a friend.

“Now [with social media] we can connect you with even more members of our community, and suddenly the social element is activated in a way that it’s never been before when you are buying something on the internet.”  

How does Hilimaz’s strategy go about this?

We seek to regularly interact with our client’s audience its audience on Instagram, and bring them together.

Take Hilimaz’s “Reposted images, for example – for this, we found many of the brand loyal customers are posting using the brand products on their profiles, so we take the re-posting methodology to highlight the community and tag them again.

In the re-post, Our Social Media & Content Management team tag the original poster, so that whoever sees it can also connect with that user on social.


But we don’t stop at just that Reposting and tagging – We also highlight our client (Hillmaz) recommendations with its customer’s reviews, connecting users through sharing their experiences on Instagram.

This helps further enhance the community around its brand, connecting top fans to each other, and further fueling that interest and passion about its products.


5.Provide massive amounts of value before asking for anything in return.

Never forget that customers hate being “sold” to, but love to buy. One surefire way to have your customers line up to do that is to provide a massive amount of free value before asking for a sale. Arguably the leading expert of the value-first concept is Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, in which he explained how to provide free valuable content to your audience on social media to build trust and entice visitors to buy.

This concept is even more critical today, when customers are being bombarded with ads on their social feeds. If you want to build engaged brand followers on Social Media who love you and love buying from you, provide content that solves their problems and shows that you care about them before asking for a sale. You’ll quickly build a pool of loyal fans who buy from you over and over again.

6.Good Photography Matters on Instagram Specially for Shpoppable posts.

The imagery you’re posting to Instagram can help make or break your sales, especially if you’re relying on shoppable Instagram posts and stories to drive sales traffic.

Shoppable Instagram Postsmake shopping directly from your feed easy for your followers. Through shoppable posts, consumers are taken directly to various product pages on your website where they can easily purchase your products. TYME, a hair tools eCommerce shop, has seen a 44% increase in traffic from Instagramsince since integrating shoppable posts.


There’s a lot planned also from our content marketing team for Hilimaz’s Instagram feed, and a lot you can learn from how the company will go about engaging and connecting with its audience. Congrats to our client Hilimaz hitting 3k followers on Instagram in this short time.


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