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Situated between kilometres of splendid sandy beaches and rocky mountain landscape, Alicante offers a unique combination of modern lifestyle and rich historical heritage.

Year after year, the city fascinates thousands of tourists with its diversity and numerous opportunities to have fun and enjoy great weather. In Alicante and Costa Blanca, you can taste the true Spanish flavour and enjoy the Mediterranean sea.

In this article, we will take a walk though Alicante parks.

Why parks? Because, in the middle of summer, Alicante could be so hot that you really need to find a good shade. Especially between 11 o'clock in the morning and regalos originales 5 o'clock in the afternoon, when temperatures are usually above 30 degree Celsius. There are several nice locations where you can relax under the palm trees.

Despite its warm climate and a dry landscape, there are large green areas in the city. Parks in Alicante are usually quiet, set apart from the busy city center. You can find a place to relax, enjoy Mediterranean vegetation and spend some time in recreational activities.

During warm summer days, a lot of people gather there, playing with their children, walking with their dogs, sitting in the shade of trees, reading newspapers or enjoying the conversation.

Let's visit first our fantastic Alicante Explanada promenade. It is situated parallel to the Alicante harbor, between the old headquarter building of the University of Alicante and Hotel Meliá.

You will easily recognize it by numerous palm trees and three-colored geometric pathway. Its numerous restaurants and pizzerias are ideal places to have dinner. During daytime, you can refresh yourself taking a juice or an ice cream. In the continuation of Explanada, there is the oldest park in the city – Canalejas Park.

Its entrances are guarded by two pairs of stone sculptures. One is of dogs and another of lions. Inside this old park there are several pretty sculptures, cuadros personalizados fountains and giant old trees. The greatest fun in Canalejas Park is at the end of February, when many students gather here to celebrate the Carnival.

At the southern exit of Alicante, between Alicante harbor and Urbanova beach, there is an amazing park full of palm trees, called El Palmeral.

You can enjoy hundreds of palm trees and other exotic plants and take a walk along canals, impressive waterfalls, boating ponds and wooden bridges. El Palmeral is our favorite picnic area where a lot of families enjoy a delightful atmosphere and numerous playground facilities for children.

Other sightseeing highlights are Alicante castles, which you simply can not avoid.

These fabulous cultural monuments are the Castle of Saint Barbara (Santa Barbara) and the Castle of San Fernando. Both of them are surrounded by wonderful parks, which stand in a harmonic relation with the surrounding nature.

Finally, one of the best planed and maintained green areas of Alicante is its University campus.

If you are an international student participating Erasmus-Socrates student exchange program, you will be amazed. Describing the University of Alicante would need a new lengthy article. With its huge park, contemporary architecture, libraries, congress halls, sport facilities and regalos personalizados the museum, our University is the most impressive monument of modern life in Alicante.

Igor Vragovic has been living in Alicante since 2003, working as a lecturer and investigator at the University of Alicante.

You can contact him via his website <a website where you can find more info about <a website Parks.  

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