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Outside the space of this text, these nine contributors maintain creative practices that challenge social norms and customs in very different ways. Nevertheless, throughout the discussion, they are linked together by a common interest in forms of ethical-political engagement that are both radically inclusive and unashamedly disobedient. In a world where our eyes are more often fastened to our electronic devices rather than making real contact with the humans around us, the work of Patsy Van Roost — also known as “The Mile End Fairy” — seems almost magical. In 2013, she began clandestinely orchestrating small artistic participative actions with the hope that each one would get her neighbours to look up, begin to talk and build a community as they wondered about the art and the person behind it. Using simple materials from her studio, Van Roost inspired community members through devices that were not made with wires or chips but rather silk screens, stitching and stencils. Persian classical music has a rich tradition relying on improvisation and composition, with lyrics drawn from renowned medieval poets such as Rumi, Hafez or Sa’adi.

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Concurrently, as an analyst at the CBC, she generated insights about the behaviour of Canadians interacting with digital news and worked to help others foster their own sense of curiosity about the natural world as a science communicator. Cylita is currently an Insight Data Science Fellow and is working on her first children’s book for Annick Press. Noojimo’ Annish Wenjigdaazod Kitchisippi , modelled after Montreal’s Healing Rage // Rage Sage, is a conference for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour , coming together to share sacred and radical space with one another in the spirit of “decolonization, anti-oppression and healing”. Through presentations, workshops and various activities, it seeks to “inspire your creative mind, nurture your soul and expand your networks”. What I love about Healing Rage is how the organizers strive to create safer space for all the BIPOC involved, regardless of whether they are presenters or participants. Brut series in which feminist writers, artists, and activists discuss people, publications, or organizations who are working toward inclusivity. To achieve this goal, Li applies a work ethic acquired over the years balancing multiple part-time jobs and studies. It’s been home to numerous collaborations, including a few with queer Spanish artist and activist Coco Guzman .

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Prior to academia, Dr. Chapdelaine practiced law for over fourteen years in intellectual property and commercial law. In 2004, Monique became founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (). ICMI is dedicated to the skills development of Indigenous women and youth through the production media and arts. Monique has facilitated Indigenous artists and community members throughout Ontario and Quebec. Gwen has extensive experience in relationship building and has developed and instructed First Nation Studies courses at the elementary, secondary and college levels and continues to function as a public educator. Her formal education is in Business Administration and she has operated her own small business, as a community planner, facilitator/trainer, artist and curriculum developer. Gwen’s most enjoyable pastime as of late is being at the river or elsewhere on the land, with her 12-year-old granddaughter and just spending time with her family.

  • He has worked for over 16 years across two continents in the “civil society sector.” In 1994 Debanuj founded the first HIV prevention program for men-who-have-sex-with-men in Kolkata, India.
  • He has most recently shown work as part of QTPOCMontreal and is published in Gay Genius, and anthology of queer comics.
  • The extent to which the public interest concept can be mapped onto the current internet governance debate will be considered, suggesting that while normative regulatory philosophy borrowed from the broadcasting era might be useful, challenges of definition and jurisdiction are problematic.
  • A Phylomemetic Catalogue would allow users to create links between the catalogue records, adding meaningful connections.

She is a founding member and the current vice-President of a non-profit organization, Connecticut Latina/os Achieving Rights and Opportunities , devoted to Latina/ o gender and sexual rights as well as social and economic justice. She also serves on the International Editorial Board of the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Building on her previous research on the work of West African photographer Alphonso Lisk-Carew, Julie Crooks looks at studio portrait practices from a Black Atlantic context where portraiture was used for commemoration and in the formation of new social identities. Her lecture will examine the ways in which Blacks, by the mid- to late nineteenth century, in settlements throughout Southern Ontario, adopted photography as a critical and powerful tool for self-representation.

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Playback Magazine named Jesse the trailblazer of the year for 2020, and he was also included on Maclean’s Magazine’s Power List for 2020 and Toronto Life’s list of the most influential Torontonians of 2020. Lisa Myers is an independent curator, artist and assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. Her curatorial practice considers the varied values and functions of elements such as time, sound, and knowledge.

She developed the idea of representation as a political tool to give visibility to those made invisible by dominant ideologies. In her newer works, she views the body as a bridge connecting East and West, past and present, creating a new version of hybridity and striving to transcend and mend. Kalli Dakos is the best-selling author of over 2,000 poems about elementary school life. Jamaal Jackson Rogers is a nationally recognized artist, entrepreneur and arts educator, and Ottawa’s English Poet Laureate. Ottawa poet David Groulx speaks with black humour and raw beauty of the strength of scarred experience. As a gay man living in an intolerant country, Al-Solaylee escaped first to England and eventually to Canada, where he became a prominent journalist and academic. While he was enjoying the cultural and personal freedoms of life in the West, his once-liberal family slowly fell into the hard-line interpretations of Islam that were sweeping large parts of the Arab-Muslim world in the 1980s and 1990s.


Pamela Swett, dean of the Faculty of Humanities, received her undergraduate training at Bryn Mawr College and completed her graduate degrees at Brown University. Her research and teaching interests lie in 20th-century German and European social and cultural history. My community involvement is with the Patient and Family Advisory Board at the local hospital; and 20 years on a cultural and media innovations board, and presently with a Circle of Reconciliation. Robin Nelson is an Assistant Professor at MacEwan University, teaching in Arts and Cultural Management. They have a PhD in Public Administration from the University of Ottawa where they documented Ontario community museum governance. Robin’s ongoing research focuses on community museums, heritage commemoration policies, and the role of professional networks in the cultural sector. Lise Ann Johnson is the Director of Strategic Granting Initiatives at the Canada Council for the Arts. Her responsibilities include the delivery of funding that supports the digital transformation of the arts sector in Canada.

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اقرأ المزيد

اقرأ المزيد

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