Lenovo Yoga 720 may be the best big-screen Yoga yet

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screen and precision trackpad.","slug":"lenovos-new-yogas-miix-keep-windows-10-features-alive","chapters":"data":[],"paging":"total":0,"limit":15,"offset":0,"datePublished":"2017-02-27 07:00:47","duration":79,"mpxRefId":"p5hPp9c_mCUx80YR3t4L4O7RYr_BIECe","ratingVChip":"TV-PG","primaryTopic":"id":"1c445348-c387-11e2-8208-0291187b029a","author":"id":"7b9950fa-8176-11e2-9d12-0018fe8a00b0","firstName":"Jessica","lastName":"Dolcourt","primaryCollection":"id":"4dfce24e-19d8-460e-a9a3-b970c6f3e39f","title":"Mobile World Congress website updates its 5i Chromebooks","description":"The two-in-one Flex 5i and the 14-inch clamshell version both start at $440.","slug":"lenovo-updates-its-5i-chromebooks","chapters":"","datePublished":"2021-06-25 13:00:02","duration":121,"mpxRefId":"tOwVU2dkSNFQuTyOZsphuWnWn4ZXsO5D","ratingVChip":"","primaryTopic":"id":"","author":"id":"8e4cdc30-8176-11e2-9d12-0018fe8a00b0","firstName":"Lori","lastName":"Grunin","primaryCollection":"id":"2adf6930-fe69-4423-ab9c-9aae7f4f1fc2","title":"CNET First website why a Chromebook might be all the laptop you need","description":"They\u0027re not for everyone but they\u0027re definitely not the browser-in-a-box laptops they were 10 years ago either.","slug":"heres-why-a-chromebook-might-be-all-the-laptop-you-need","chapters":"","datePublished":"2021-06-18 12:00:02","duration":326,"mpxRefId":"5AwX87yJfnR0rPphLo5X9eruIvtVUIxy","ratingVChip":"","primaryTopic":"id":"","author":"id":"12448ba6-8176-11e2-9d12-0018fe8a00b0","firstName":"Joshua","lastName":"Goldman","primaryCollection":"id":"2adf6930-fe69-4423-ab9c-9aae7f4f1fc2","title":"CNET First website new Galaxy Book laptops add AMOLED screens, promise future 5G","description":"Lots of options, 13-inch or 15-inch, clamshell or hybrid, starting at $999.","slug":"samsungs-new-galaxy-book-laptops-add-amoled-screens-promise-future-5g","chapters":"","datePublished":"2021-04-30 14:00:03","duration":255,"mpxRefId":"3jpuME3HbM6nadXRvb6gY3Px2gVhU4J0","ratingVChip":"","primaryTopic":"id":"","author":"id":"937867c4-8176-11e2-9d12-0018fe8a00b0","firstName":"Dan","lastName":"Ackerman","primaryCollection":"id":"2adf6930-fe69-4423-ab9c-9aae7f4f1fc2","title":"CNET First website Galaxy Chromebook 2\u0027s streamlined design is a winner","description":"The Galaxy Chromebook 2 keeps the premium build quality of the original but sheds some features in favor of a lower price and better battery life.","slug":"samsung-galaxy-chromebook-2s-streamlined-design-is-a-winner","chapters":"","datePublished":"2021-03-03 14:00:03","duration":212,"mpxRefId":"J7uygb8NeAdxD1oO8b5hGn1ktjzJ1DQ1","ratingVChip":"","primaryTopic":"id":"","author":"id":"12448ba6-8176-11e2-9d12-0018fe8a00b0","firstName":"Joshua","lastName":"Goldman","primaryCollection":"id":"2adf6930-fe69-4423-ab9c-9aae7f4f1fc2","title":"CNET First website continues to flex its dual-display superiority with its latest ZenBook Duo laptops","description":"We went hands-on with the new ZenBook Duo, a standout laptop at CES 2021, for its design and features.","slug":"asus-continues-to-flex-its-dual-display-superiority-with-its-latest-zenbook-duo-laptops","chapters":"","datePublished":"2021-01-15 website work laptops at CES 2021 are made for micro mobility","description":"The Elite Dragonfly G2, Elite Folio, EliteBook Aero and Envy 14 add features for better wireless, video chats and battery life.","slug":"hps-work-laptops-at-ces-2021-are-made-for-micro-mobility","chapters":"","datePublished":"2021-01-13 website Galaxy Chromebook 2 gets cheaper, 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Lenovo’s Yoga line has long been about versatility. Not just in its hybrid design that allows you to flip the screen around to use in four different positions, but also in offering that design in what seems like an ever-increasing number of sizes and configurations.

At Mobile World Congress 2017, the company unveiled three more options for 2017: the 15.6-inch and 13-inch Yoga 720 and the 14-inch Yoga 520. For the 720, both sizes now have IPS touchscreens with resolutions up to 3,840×2,160 pixels, and with almost no bezel — the frame that goes around the display — the screens take up nearly the entire lid. The screens also support Lenovo’s optional Active Pen if writing or drawing on the screen is a necessity for you.


Andrew Hoyle/CNET

As you might expect, Lenovo is loading these with the latest seventh-gen Intel processors up to Core i7. The 15.6-inch 720 gets the added option of trading integrated graphics for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, making this an interesting option for an entry-level gaming system.

Rotate the screen so the keyboard is away from you, hook up a keyboard and mouse and you’ve got a desktop gaming experience without having the laptop’s keyboard and trackpad in the way. There’s a Thunderbolt 3 port, too, so you can get a single-cable adapter to connect a monitor, Ethernet and peripherals and always be ready to start gaming (or working, too, I suppose).

The Lenovo Yoga 720 will be available in April with the 13.3-inch starting at $860 and the 15.6-inch starting at $1,100. Those convert to approximately AU$1,125 or £700 and AU$1,435 or £890, respectively.


The Yoga 520 or Flex 5 in the US.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Yoga 520, which will be called the Flex 5 in the US, is sort of a compromise between the two 720 models. It’s 14-inch touchscreen shares the slim bezels of the others, but its screen resolution maxes out at 1,920×1080 pixels.

You can get the 520 with discrete graphics, but instead of the GTX 1050, it’s a lower-end Nvidia GeForce 940MX. It is slightly smaller and lighter than the 15.6-inch 720, it has more storage options including a mix of 128GB PCIe solid-state and 1TB hard drives, and it does support the optional Active Pen and you can get it with a fingerprint sensor, too.

Configurations will start at $800 (about AU$1,040 and £640) when it arrives in May.

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