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Safe to say that they have the best chicken you’ll ever have out of a food truck. You also won’t make a mistake if you have a flight at the Commercial Drive’s Elephant Garden Creamery either. The Mango Coconut Sticky Rice is the real bomb and a local favourite. Their White Choco Raspberry Rose, Vietnamese Coffee, Milk Tea, or Cookies N’ Cream Monster might be as equally enticing to try. Vikram Vij and Hidekazu Tojo are two of Vancouver’s most iconic chefs, lauded by everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Martha Stewart.

At the end of the day, you need to try both to see which side you lean – team #23 or team #24. Hainanese Chicken is a delectable, Southasian dish–a golden coloured chicken served boneless and often accompanied by seasoned rice, along some sauce options and cucumber. This quaint Singaporean restaurant on Main street, although small, will not disappoint you with what they have on their bountiful menu. The staff is very friendly and the service is usually quick. For having a bit of some more traditional Japanese seafood delicacies, check-in at Sushi by Yuji. It’s a warm place with a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere and expansive menu options.

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Be sure to meet our Labrador canine ambassadors, Elly and Ella. Kat Saenguraiporn, the niece of the founder of Thai Orchid Restaurant, is now the owner of the Vancouver location. She brings with her a wealth experience in both serving customers and managing staff in several Thai Orchid. This gives your fellow patrons a chance to enjoy dining in as well, and us the chance to serve more people. Due to the popularity and limited seating we ask you to please limit your dining experience to Maximum 2 hours. Sign up for deals, discounts, special events and tips on how to eat well to perform well. Enjoy attentive service and panoramic views of the mountains and Georgia Straight. Thats why you’ll find house made syrups, punches, and a food menu full of comfort food made from scratch daily.

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The space features two distinct dining rooms with very different feels, separated by a stunning bar. The Frasca dining room emits the vibes of the Trieste countryside, while the Jia dining room features the warm and luxurious palette of China. There’s also an olive tree in the main dining room to pay homage to the frasca of Friuli, where they used to put an olive branch over their front door to signify the beginning of the harvest.

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While most would call it a dive bar, it is a favourite of locals. When you get hungry they have mouthwatering things on the menu like chicken and waffles, pork belly tacos, and baked mac n cheese. This is the perfect spot for meeting people because tasting rooms are created to get people interacting with one another. The feeling inside is very casual and fun, with lots of room to move around. They offer a selection of delectable cocktails, beers, wines, and liquors, so you won’t go thirsty. They also offer appetizers, flatbreads, tacos, and burgers. While it won’t be quite as easy to meet people here, it has a less oppressive feel than many bars. You can easily sit at the bar alone without looking weird, and the bar is as long as the lounge itself.

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