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At Star® Roses and Plants, we are a family of brands, and we pride ourselves in being a one-stop-shop for our growers, their customers, landscapers and home gardeners. Whether you’re looking for the best roses like Knock Out® and Drift®, our trending and delicious edibles collection, Bushel and Berry®, or beautiful, one-of-a-kind shrubs and trees, we’ve got it all. Our game-changing brands and breakthrough plants are unique and versatile and work in a wide range of landscapes. Potting tables make light work of manual tasks such as potting your new summery flowers into their brand-newplant pots and planters, whilst our range of plant food and single drip feeders will help maintain their vibrant colour.

Rainbow Heritage Gardens

The bowl is carved into the rock which has a naturally dark shade and is robust in construction. It also sits low to the ground unlike many bird baths, which adds to its natural style. 45cm in length, this is one would slip seamlessly into a garden and give centre stage to the birds that visit it. The textured edges contrasted with the smooth colourful centre gives it both an antique and chic feel. The bowl itself is 34 cm x 34 cm so offers a wide surface area for birds to drink and bathe in. A small bird statuette adds to the identity of the bowl, that would be easily relocated around your outdoor space to brighten and bring life right outside your window.

Escarole Seeds

A giant mountain rises up from the middle, and doesn’t quit until it circles the coast right out of the city. The sunsets there are just incredible, whether from the top of Table Mountain or from Camps Bay below. I’ll never forget the time when my road trip buddy and I stopped for some street-side BBQ next to a metal shack on our way to the Drakensberg.

  • The aged rhizomes are steam-distilled which produces a thick oily compound, known in the perfume industry as “iris butter” or orris oil.
  • We have tested other Seed Starting Mix and experienced poor germination rates.
  • In the 2011–2012 school year, 100,632 K-12 students enrolled in 221 schools in the English language public school system run by the Calgary Board of Education.
  • E. Cross to put up $100,000 to guarantee funding for the event.
  • Make sure that your corn gets adequate water throughout the season, and feed with a general purpose organic liquid feed once cobs begin to form.

“Fossil Stories” explores the world of fossils, the history of paleontology, and the men, women, and publications that shaped our knowledge of life preserved in these rocks. This collection includes seminal works in the history of paleontology. Archives from the Boston Metropolitan Park Flora In 1894 the Metropolitan Park Commission in Boston, Mass. commissioned Olmsted, Olmsted & Eliot to survey the plants of newly acquired woodland reservations. This collection includes 8,000 pages of correspondence, published books, articles, and maps documenting the progress of the survey. To learn more about the collection please visit us online. Antarctic Geological Field Notebooks This collection contains Antarctic field notebooks from Geoscience Australia’s N.H. Fisher Geoscience Library Collection. Geoscience Australia has a long and rich history of contributing to the mapping and geological understanding of Antarctica. These notebooks contain original observations made by geologists and geophysicists on the Antarctic continent and adjacent sub-Antarctic islands.

Rotary Park Kincardine

Woolf is commemorated today by statues, societies dedicated to her work and a building at the University of London. During the interwar period, Woolf was an important part of London’s literary and artistic society. In 1915 she published her first novel, The Voyage Out, through her half-brother’s publishing house, Gerald Duckworth and Company. Her best-known works include the novels Mrs Dalloway , To the Lighthouse and Orlando . She is also known for her essays, including A Room of One’s Own , in which she wrote the much-quoted dictum, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

Rainbow Heritage Gardens

Indian yogis are known to have visited the valley for meditation. The Valley of Flowers has many different colourful flowers, taking on various shades of colours as time progressed. The valley was declared a national park in 1982 and now it is a World Heritage Site.

Learn To Grow!

There’s nothing quite like the crunchy taste of a fresh carrot or the juicy sweetness of a tomato ripened by the sun! What’s even better is when you can harvest them from your own garden and can enjoy all of the rewards that gardening can bring. Growing vegetables is fun, easy and provides you with daily exercise, healthy food and reduced grocery costs! Qualities such as taste, yield, disease resistance – and of course, your satisfaction – are our top priorities. We encourage you to explore our site for the best varieties of vegetable seeds and plants that are tested and proven to perform well in Canadian climates.

Rainbow Heritage Gardens

Calgary’s light rail system, known as the CTrain, was one of the first such systems in North America . It consists of two lines , 44 stations and 58.2 km (36.2 mi) of track. The Calgary LRT is one of the continent’s busiest carrying 270,000 passengers per weekday and approximately half of Calgary downtown workers take the transit to work. The CTrain is also North America’s first and only LRT to run on 100% renewable, wind generated energy. In early 2020, city council approved construction of the Calgary Green Line, the third light-rail line in the city’s rapid transit network. It will be the first rail line in Calgary to operate low-floor trains and is the largest public works project in the history of Calgary, about three-and-a-half times bigger than the second-largest project. Adjacent to, or directly radiating from the downtown are the first of the inner-city communities. These include Crescent Heights, Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, Hillhurst/Sunnyside , Bridgeland, Renfrew, Mount Royal, Scarboro, Sunalta, Mission, Ramsay and Inglewood and Albert Park/Radisson Heights directly to the east.

Reduced capacity restrictions, along with staggered entry times, are in place to ensure that we are moving visitors through the entry gate and into the zoo quickly to avoid crowing. To support these enhanced public safety measures, we ask that you do your best to arrive on time so that you can enter the zoo during your 30 minute timed ticket window. However, if you are running late you will still be granted access so long as you arrive within a reasonable time of your original booking. Please note that you may not be able to enter immediately and you will be expected to join the entry queue. You’re welcome to enjoy Zooventure for as long as you like! The time on your ticket controls the time you enter the zoo so that we can ensure a safe traffic flow and experience for everyone. Physical distancing will be supported with directional paw prints and refreshed white arrows safely distanced 3 metres apart throughout the park to keep households safely apart from each other.

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